Grindex Dewatering Pump: Master INOX

Electrical submersible stainless steel pump

With its impressive allowed pH range, from 2 up to 10, it is hard to find an application that can’t be handled by the Inox pumps.

The modular design drives service cost down and at the same time offers the flexibility to change from a Normal pressure pump (N), to a High pressure pump (H). All materials in contact with the liquid are made out of AISI 316 stainless steel or better.

Available in both 50hz and 60hz models.

Technical DataNH
Discharge connection4″3″
Rated output8.0 kW8.0 kW
Max power consumption9.4 kW9.4 kW
Rated current at 400 V15 A15 A
Rated current at 500 V12 A12 A
Shaft speed2800 RPM2800 RPM