Our range of submersible pumps offers reliability and high performance for any application.


Dewatering & Drainage

Submersible pumps are the most effective and inexpensive solution for dewatering, draining or removing nuisance water which has accumulated in areas following flooding or caused by excess groundwater. These encapsulated pumps can be completely submerged in liquid, and are frequently used to transport water or liquid with suspended solids. 


Slurry Solutions

Submersible slurry pumps are engineered to transport or pump liquid containing solid particles. There are multiple types of slurry which vary in concentration of solids, size of solid particles, shape of solid particles and composition of solution. Slurries can be particularly abrasive and/or corrosive and materials of construction are an important consideration.


Sludge Solutions

Submersible sludge pumps are engineered to move or pump liquid with high concentrations of solids. Sludge can be highly viscous, abrasive, corrosive or a combination of all three, and can contain a large ratio of solids to liquid including waste products and other hard to handle materials. 


Wastewater Solutions

Submersible wastewater pumps are engineered to transfer heavily contaminated water or liquid containing solid particles including high concentrations of rags and other waste material typically found in municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater collection network. These pumps are sealed units with an integral pump and motor and operate below the surface of the wastewater.