Construction Data

Submersible electric pumps, robust in construction, watertight electric motors accommodated in compartment, connected, by shafts of reduced lengths, to the impellers situated at the pump casing by the interposition of oil chamber between the hydraulic side and the electric motor. Asynchronous, three-phase electric motors, squirrel cage type, IP 68 protection, class H insulation. They are designed for S1 (continuous) service.

Submersibile Pumps in Stainless Steel Aisi 316, Duplex Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Alloy

The submersible electric pumps in stainless steel AISI 316 are mainly used for lifting aggressive and corrossive liquids. In particular for draining away wastewaters originating from chemical industries and sea water.

Submersibile Pumps in Marine Bronze, Bronze/Aluminium

The submersible electric pumps in marine bronze B10 or special alloys (on customers request) are mainly used to handle wastewaters coming from marine field installations (also ships market), and alimentary (seafood) field.



For rapid consultation, the whole production of submersible pumps can be subdivided according to hydraulics and construction material.
The various hydraulic types are selected according to physical/chemical characteristics of the liquid to be handled.


Multi-blade impeller for light water. Applications: rain water, surface irrigation.


Vortex impeller suitable for pumping liquids containing large solids and/or fibrous materials. Applications: urban sewerage systems, animal breeding plants.


Impeller in Polyurethane with a stainless steel core. Applications in plants with an high sand presence, in marble work companies, in the ceramic industry, crystals machining or industrial processes where there’s presence of abrasives liquids.


Single channel impeller, for liquids containing fibrous materials and/or suspended solids. Applications: purification plants, tanneries, animal breeding plants.


Multi-channel open rotor with high hydraulic efficiency, with self-cleaning blade profile which, through a special adjustable suction flange with grooves, allows the expulsion of solids and also fibrous.


Impeller with a special “KUT-ALL” system, designed to create a cutting unit for solid and fibrous bodies in the pumped liquid.


Closed multi-channel impeller, for clean liquids pumping or slightly laden liquids in handling absence of filamentous materials. Applications: large drainage systems, purification plants (e.g. airport).


Multi-blade suction impeller with grinding group in stainless steel AISI 440, particularly suitable as a grinder for paper or textile materials. Applications: clearance of waste waters originating from service stations, residential communities, camping sites, etc.


Impellers are equipped of a special grinder system and are projected for waters and mud coming from agricultural drainages.