Grindex Slurry Pump: Bravo 300

Electrical submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pumps for pumping fluids with abrasive solids
All slurry applications don’t require heavy duty pumps, and to meet this demand Grindex offer two smaller models, Bravo 200 and Bravo 300. They are intended for applications with lower demands on capability and wear resistance, and they are not equipped with agitator. For capacities below these, we recommend Grindex sludge pumps.

Available in Explosion Proof version.
Available in both 50hz and 60hz models.

Discharge connection6″
Rated output5.9 kW
Max power consumption7.1 kW
Shaft speed1450 RPM
Rated current at 400 V12 A
Rated current at 500 V9.5 A
Throughlet50 mm
Max. Liquid Density:
1.7 kg/m3
Max. Liquid Density:
1.7 kg/m3